Compendium Class – Balefire of Rage

Compendium Class – Balefire of Rage

Compendium Class – Balefire of Rage

The Balefire is inspired by the 4E Ardent, especially the Euphoric Ardent, that i allways pictured as a Sith Warrior, infusing himself and his allies with Rage to better harness the Dark Side. 

So the Balefire is all about raging against the machine but not a Barbarian per se. I tried to invoke the power point/psionic focus mechanic a bit with the moves. 

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  1. Awesome. Is the idea of tracking hold (like, while you still hold Psionic Rage) new to *World games, or have I just overlooked it? That’s an awesome mechanic and way to track stuff like rages, etc.

  2. It’s also a really cool and intuitive way to phrase it, “while you hold X”. That works awesomely for a lot of psionic stuff, actually. You could, for instance, have a bunch of auras that give you hold.

  3. The trigger move seems a little unclear.  How would you know if it were fulfilled?

    “When you use your burning rage to fuel your latent psionic energy and infuse your blows and allies with your anger, you can take this move when you level up:”

    That sounds more like a shorter, immediate roll, something you’re doing to trigger two moves (infusing your blows with anger and infusing your allies with anger).

    What is it that changes you into a person capable of doing those things?  Training?  An ordeal of some kind?  What can you point at as the dividing line between the you before and the you after?

  4. I’m picturing maybe a moment where that rage busts straight through sane thought and “unlocks” psychic ability. You can’t go back, you can just go forward, something like that.

  5. it was supposed to be quite easy to get into, a bit handwavey. 

    How about 

    “If you destroy something you care about deeply in a fit of rage you can decide if it scarrs you and activates your latent psionic energy. If it does you can…”

  6. What Adam said, although “when you use your burning rage… etc” actually seems like a straight-up move trigger, probably for the primary move. Although it kinda seems like there’s not much in the way of a state change (with either fictional trigger) to mitigate just spamming the move. Like the druid has to be an animal while she has hold. And Evil Eye only triggers when you enter combat. You could try turning it into something like a berserker rage, maybe?

    For actually entering the c. class, destroying something sounds about right. You could also go with something like “when you dedicate yourself to the burning rage within you, make a sacrifice to it. If the GM/other players deem it enough to awaken your psionic powers, you can take this move next time you level up.”

  7. Like maybe your hold counts as a penalty to any rolls you make that aren’t angry destructive actions until you spend them? Then if the battle ends early and you still have 1 hold, you have to go break something in order to spend that hold.

  8. amazing Johnstone Metzger perfect opening trigger!

    For the Psionic Rage move i figgured that it needs more than just RAAWWR – instant awesome. 

    You need at least a moment to spur your inner fire, enough so that an enemy might get a hit in. 

    Also, when you are not angry anymore or doing “safe” stuff you loose your hold – just like in defend. 

    Not sure if this comes across in the move. 

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