Last night on DIS:

Last night on DIS:

Last night on DIS:

-The forest troll druid has been making friends with the rats in his building  and turns to the rodents for information on a job.  He flubs his roll and a rat leads him(as a shapeshifted rat) into a cistern, which he finds occupied by a circle of hooded rats.

‘This is the one I’ve been telling you about brothers,’ the druid’s rat guide hisses.  ‘The one who spies on us and would know our plans.’

DRUID: What the hell?

ME:  They pounce on you man.  What do you do?

Whilst traversing the Astral Plane, the group’s githzerai hireling guide is captured by githyanki.  The bard calls for a trial, claiming the guide is her slave and lawful property.  She goes on to successfully  get the guide released into her custody by convinving the court that the worst possible punishment for the githzerai is to continue life in her service.

(Whilst the trial boiled down to some fun roleplay, and a couple of Defy Danger rolls based on CHR, I think I’ll have to nut out some custom trial moves for the inevitable repercussions and legal proceedings my group will face).


Cursed swords being thrown off the edge of a world, slaadi reavers, pocket bears, successful recording of the most beautiful song in existence and so on.