6 thoughts on “Anyone going to be at Gamestorm 2013 in Vancouver WA?”

  1. I actually haven’t checked yet what DW games are actually scheduled, but I’m pretty sure with Jonathan Walton and others there, there’s bound to be games going on. I’m bringing along the DW-lite rules of World of Dungeons, and some of its hacks. Those’ll be pitch as part of the Indie Hurricane game pitch circles.

  2. I’ve seen Adam Koebel do this, so maybe it will work here too… 

    When you say their name three times with reverence….  roll+WIS. 

    Jonathan Walton 

    Jonathan Walton 

    Jonathan Walton 

    Will you be going to Gamestorm and can we link up?  I live in Portland and would be happy to take a group of DW’ers out for a round in exchange for hooking me up to the con.  I haven’t been to a con in — oh — 25 years or so and the only reason I’d be going is to meet up with other DW players.  

  3. Brennan OBrien The indie games scene at GameStorm is pretty diverse. I’m probably going to be running some Planarch Codex for at least one session, but otherwise I’m going to be playing and organizing a bunch of other stuff totally unrelated to DW and AW, so if you’re just coming for DW, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you want to hang out with cool folks and play a bunch of different games, you don’t really need my help to plug in. Just find the Indie Hurricane and sign up for stuff that looks cool or hang around for the open indie gaming slots, where people pitch games and then break into groups to play them.

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