Ment-Jador Inquisitor

Ment-Jador Inquisitor

Ment-Jador Inquisitor

Devious, Cautious, Group, Intelligent, Psionic, Terrifying

Face tentacles (d6), 6 HP, 1 Armor 

Close, Hand

Special Qualities: Telepathic

Slender tall humanoids with a tentacled cephalopodan head, the Ment-Jador are feared enemies of all living sentient creatures. The Ment-Jador harvest the living by latching on with facial tentancles and extracting their victims brain.

The Ment-Jador Inquisitors are the operatives of a larger cabal of the Ment-Jador, not only responsible for finding slaves and food but for advancing the alien aspirations and mandates of the preserved collective of ancestral minds.

Instinct: To seize power

– Stun everyone nearby with a psychic blast

– Dominate a mind

– Latch onto your face and begin extracting your brain

– Command a mindless servant

Aside: Ment Jador is Catalan for “Mind Eater”

15 thoughts on “Ment-Jador Inquisitor”

  1. Ryan Gigliotti I’m working on a savant as well; The key thing is that the Ment-Jador Inquisitors are found in a group. So if you have a solitary one, bump up its hit points to 12 and have it do a d8.

    And most importantly, let me know how they play out. If there are better move descriptions.

  2. Colter Hanna Agreed. I’ve added it to my internal document. I much prefer to have 3 moves for a creature, but I’m having a hard time concentrating the creature’s moves into 3.

  3. Custom Moves

    When your mind is assailed by a Ment-Jador, Roll+WIS. ✴10+ you are able to quickly repel the attack. ✴7-9 you are able to repel the attack, but not before the Ment-Jador learn something. The GM will ask you a single question. If you answer truthfully, mark XP. Otherwise, take 1 forward. *6 The GM will ask you one or two questions, answer truthfully.

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