I’m noodling on a compendium class based on Mythender by Ryan Macklin.

I’m noodling on a compendium class based on Mythender by Ryan Macklin.

I’m noodling on a compendium class based on Mythender by Ryan Macklin. This is going to seem super-powerful; that’s intentional. It will disrupt your game RIGHT IN THE FACE unless you’re prepared for it. Probably even if you are. It’s also not finished.

When you leave your mortality behind and choose to become a Mythender, you can take the following five moves in place of your normal advancement the next time you gain a level.

Mythic Heart

When you go into battle, roll +Myth. On a 7-9, +1 Myth. On a 10+, +2 Myth. 12+, you suffer apotheosis and become a Myth, right then and there.

Marked by Myth

You have a tell, something that marks you as a Mythender. You cannot hide this tell, and it grows more overt and obvious the more you embrace your Mythic nature.

End It

When you seek to End a Myth, roll +Myth. On a 10+, you End it. On a 7-9, you End it but cause massive collateral damage. No matter what happens, describe how badass you were when you sought to End that Myth.

More than Mortal

When you fight mortals, you kill them if you choose to. Any survivors are going to be pretty scared of you, and you gain +1 Myth.

Seek Sympathy

When you try to relate to a mortal as another mortal, roll +Myth. On a 10+, they’re terrified of you and cannot see you as anything but an all-powerful killing machine. You annihilate their free will; take -1 Myth. On a 7-9, they’re scared but willing to help; if you give them some sort of assurance and deal with them with sincerity, -1 Myth. On a 6 or lower, they’re not scared of you and accept you as another mortal; if you deal with them with sincerity, -1 Myth.

When you are a Mythender, all of the following moves count as class moves for you.

[This is where a bunch of Gift-analogs go. Don’t have the book at the moment, so I can’t write these yet.]

5 thoughts on “I’m noodling on a compendium class based on Mythender by Ryan Macklin.”

  1. Tommy Rayburn Never got around to checking fonts; I’ll try to remember tonight. As far as the Gunslinger goes, it’s not a full class so it won’t get the play book treatment.

    Adam Koebel Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Might make for an interesting late-campaign twist.

  2. Tommy Rayburn Headings are Baskerville Old Face, the rest is Times New Roman. Note that the big headings, the things like Starting Moves or Alignment or whatever, I don’t have a font for; those are pulled from the original character sheet, so they’re just images to me. When I say “headings”, I mean individual move headings and such.

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