Had my first session last night.

Had my first session last night.

Had my first session last night. I ran an escape from slave mines (taken liberally from Jason Marningstar’s Excellent “Escape from the Slave Pit of Drazhu”) and it went very well. Had three players playing Fighter, Cleric and Wizard. They managed to escape the mines, find their stuff, fight an ogre and some goblins, steal an snow sled and dogs, navigate down an icy hill with a giant fissure (Which cuts perpendicular towards the bottom). 

They had two sleds, one with the dogs anther with none with the fighter in the sled without the dogs. The wizard decides he wants to jump from one sled to the other to help the fighter, manages to get himself halfway on. As the fighter helps him up the sleds   hit each other sending them in different directions. The cleric sitting in the other sled has to either bail on his sled or try to turn his sled around (it was sliding backwards) to regain speed to make the jump. He fails miserably and at the last minute hits the breaks and ends up dangling his sled on the edge of the fissure cliff while his allies sail on over.  

Fast forward a bit, they end up all hanging over the side in a human link chain with the fighters grip failing him. I gave the wizard the hard choice. Hold on to the cleric and risk you all falling in or drop the wizard so the fighter can pull you up. He dropped him. 

At this point I could have called for a last breath roll but instead I gave the cleric one more shot. I knew he had about half his hp left so I told him to roll a d20 for damage. Luckily he rolled a 7. I gave him a stunned and weak condition and broke his leg but otherwise he was alive. 

The remaining party members needed to act fast to get the cleric out has the goblin slavers were finally on the move with a dog sled team of their own. The fighter tries to climb down a rope tied to the sled, but the wizard was left trying to keep the sled from sliding back down the remaining portion of the hill.  Wizard fails and the fighter looses his grip falling half way down. The wizard sees the goblins getting a close and decides to take the rope and climb down the cliff and he manages to succeed. He then casts prestidigitation to make it look bloody and gory and tells everyone to play dead. The goblins buy it but fire a few arrows down for good measure.  The group over hears the goblins saying that they need to get that chest back (one they took along with their stuff) and that they will have to find another way down.  

So that was pretty much the first game.