Thursday night is Planarch / Dungeon World night!

Thursday night is Planarch / Dungeon World night!

Thursday night is Planarch / Dungeon World night!

Three sessions in and our campaign is no longer frontless.  The Fleshblenders are settling in as a heavy front and the party is intimately wrapped up in them.

The FBs are very interested in the body-switching magic mishap from last session so they hire the body-switched characters (the Bard and the Wizard) as research subjects.  The gig pays J250 for a week.  This is better, safer and easier money than the PCs will ever make freebooting.  They get pampered with massages and steam baths and soft-handed ogrish chiropractic adjustments in between examinations and interviews.  In the languid environment, the long-running sexual tension between the B and the W explodes!

Then their relationship turns to shit when the Bard decides unilaterally to pay the Fleshblenders to cure the Wizard’s body’s necromantic curse of unending hunger.  +1 XP for hitting his Chaotic alignment trigger!  Alas, the Bard rolls the nasty nine on Defy Danger to escape surgical complications.  The cure works.  It permanently and totally cures the Wizard’s body’s hunger.  Her body is now powered by death energy and need not eat ever again.  In fact, her body must not eat. It will get very sick if she tries. 

The Wizard, who is a sensual sort, is not happy at this.

Later, the Wizard learns that the Fleshblenders consider their anti-aging transplants to be extremely crude.  They are eager to discover another means of prolonging life.  Instead of stealing mere body parts, they would like to outright steal bodies using one-way mind transference.  It’s a downer for the PCs but at least they got free chiropractic out of it.

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