Psyched to be running DW again tonight!

Psyched to be running DW again tonight!

Psyched to be running DW again tonight! 

I am lonelyfunning on a new Front: the Freebooter’s Guild.  In our parish, freebooters are underpaid, but they do have specialized skills and are a cruicial piece of the economy.  So some old hands are going to organize.  Their new guild’s Endgame* is that it controls the supply of both jobs and freebooters.

What does this thing look like?  How does it build solidarity and grow towards its endgame?

* Impending Doom.  But I don’t want  to call it a Doom, because it’s not accelerating the downfall of society.  Perhaps quite the opposite!

(credit to Marshall Miller for sparking this idea)

One thought on “Psyched to be running DW again tonight!”

  1. Any guild would tend towards policies to discourage freeriders. Perhaps dues or a credentialing system. Or maybe exile or murder.

    Unions form because they face social repression. The social repression has lasted because the heritage of freebooters make them pariahs.Maybe those freebooters in your parish wouldn ‘t have been tainted if they didn’t dump those corpses into the interdimensional lime pit?

    The union would push back with collective action. Striking would be tough work, and you’d have to rely on odd jobs to get by. Most difficult of all, you’d have to assassinate those pesky scab workers who keep undermining your cause.

    Once the strike is resolved, and all parties have their ducets, I guess things are all settled. Everyone did get paid and recognized. Well, except for the guys who play catch-and-release with the chaos spawn swarms throughout the sewers. But what do you expect, they don’t pay the dues, and they are all incompetent as sin. I guess the problem is that we won’t find anybody to replace them once they go on strike, but whatever, just a couple herds of chaos spawn never hurt anybody…

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