6 thoughts on “This is kind of a dumb question, but I can’t seem to figure it out.”

  1. Pretty sure I’m reading it right when you get to choose one (and only one) of the bullet pointed options in each of the categories.

    Thats how we’ve been doing it anyhow.

  2. Each category means you take one of the bulleted items beneath.

    Sometimes it’s “good armor” or “less good armor but also a shield” or a choice where they seem similar but are different.

    Just about everyone has WEAPON + ARMOR + SOMETHING

  3. Huh. They way I’ve been running it, unless the list specifically says “choose one” or “choose two” I let them pick as many options as they want. It just means they carry that much heavier a load. 

    So for instance, the Druid could choose all three shillelagh, staff, and spear, but he’d be toting around a 4 weight load in weapons alone (out of a max 8 if he’s lucky).

  4. Joshua Burnett That was my reading as well since some lists explicit tell you to only take one. Considering they all serve a similar function I doubt it makes much difference though.

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