2 thoughts on “Do Fronts typically have custom moves?”

  1. I’d say that if “kidnap a villager” is the move, it belongs on a monster – a cultist, for example, or one of the trogs.  

    If you want to put together a move that puts bad stuff in the players’ control like;  “When you spend a night in the village, roll + WIS.  On a 10+ everything is fine, on a 7-9 either you get attacked or a villager is kidnapped, on a miss, both” you can definitely do that (Don’t use that move, that is a stupid, shitty move that I’m making into an example).

    It all depends.  Remember, moves need clear, fictional triggers they are performing, but don’t always need dice to hit the table.  “When you stay another night in the village without taking precautions, something of yours is stolen.” is a valid Custom Move for a Front.

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