18 thoughts on “A Dungeon World compendium class, the Gunslinger.”

  1. I managed to cobble something similar together with the default Photoshop fonts when I put together the Marshal. It’s on that same blog, if you want to see. I could probably tell you which fonts I used.

  2. Re: races and such: it’s a compendium class, not a full class. A fighter can take it from level 1 by replacing her starting class moves, in which case you get access to the fighter races. Otherwise, you stay whatever race you were when you picked up the compendium class.

  3. Brian Engard The Marshall looks great …. you not need my help at all, though if you used a vector program like Illustrator or InDesign, would make for much smaller file sizes.

    Also, Why not just make it a new class all together?

  4. I made the Gunslinger a compendium class because I couldn’t think of enough good advanced moves for a full class. Rather than force it and make a class with a bunch of mediocre moves, I took that as a sign to make a tighter, more focused compendium class.

    I don’t have Illustrator or InDesign, and it ain’t like I’m being paid to make these.

  5. Fantastic!  Making it a Compendium class is a very interesting approach, making gunslinging a flavour, rather than a focus.  I like it.  It’s about the use of weapons, not about the style of the slinger (which could be a whole other class).  

    I’d love to play a gunslinging Paladin or Cleric.  Worshiper of the god of True Aim and Hot Lead.

  6. Thanks! I also like the idea of a Gunslinger Barbarian, a dude who comes from a strange land where people talk funny, wear odd clothes, and where “armed” has a different meaning.

  7. That’s what I expected, but since it wasn’t specified in the move, I wasn’t sure.  Is your intent that the MC decides how much of your tools it consumes, or just one per use?

  8. It might help for dense people like me that expect to see something about it and get all confused when they don’t.

    super cool compendium class, though.  and i like the idea of tweaking the barbarian (once we see a final version of it) to possibly start as a gunslinger.  would make an interesting change from the stereotypical axe-wielding, fur-wearing brute type barbarian.

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