9 thoughts on “So, I ran a one-shot of Dungeon World last night”

  1. Actually, in my experience, DW often works better with fewer players. I’m not sure I’d be super enthusiastic about running it for more than 4. Definitely not more than 5.

  2. I didn’t hit my stride running the game until about the third session.  I think I remember reading in the book that it will take you a few times running to get the hang of GMing (though players take to it much faster).

    Some of the best advice that I adopted after my first session was to focus on three of the GM Moves:  

    + Put someone in a spot

    + Show signs of an approaching threat

    + Deal Damage

    Those 3 moves are still my main ones I use, though I’ve gotten much more comfortable with:

    + Use up their resources

    + Offer an opportunity, with or without cost

    + Tell them the requirements or consequences and ask.

  3. I just got done running a Dungeon World game for 5 players (4 teenagers and one adult). It was interesting, but most certainly a more taxing game than if it had been 3 players.

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