Another attempt at something interesting.

Another attempt at something interesting.

Another attempt at something interesting. I wanted to do more than a simple bonus, so  added a second power, hoping it would spur some world-building. Further suggestions for alternative powers are appreciated 🙂

Filgarde’s Shrunken head  

You grew up hearing Filgarde Davenport stories; heck, everyone did. He was an explorer famous for undertaking perilous journeys and usually losing a bit of himself along the way. No, seriously – an actual bit of himself. Filgarde’s left hand was taken by a group of cannibal pirates in the South Sea. He lost several toes to a particularly large vulture while scaling the Dragon’s Teeth. Eventually, poor Filgarde got his head lopped off and shrunken by some witchdoctor in The Reaches. Yep, that head you’re holding. Earned him the nickname ‘Deadenport,’ but clearly hasn’t stopped him from traveling. Or talking, for that matter.  

When you call Filgarde’s attention to an exotic location or a dangerous creature, he’ll remind you of one of his many famous expeditions involving it. Take +1 forward when you spout lore about that creature or location.   

If you remember the story of that expedition, and tell everyone about it, Filgarde will also remember the location of something useful or valuable he left behind [like the gem in that thing’s belly, or the key to that locked door.]