Has anyone used the Mage class in play?

Has anyone used the Mage class in play?

Has anyone used the Mage class in play?  I picked up the bundle and that’s the one that most interests me.  I actually find the classic wizard kinda boring, with the spells already planned out and they merely select what’s in their spell quiver that day.  

Much more interesting in my mind is the person who can say “I want to turn its wings into stone!”  or “I summon a massive gust of wind and blow them off the ledge!”  The Mage class seems to be closer to this kind of magic system. 

Any insights, advice, or experiences with this class?

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  1. Yeah, I push our wizard on the ritual move, but it’s distinctly different.  The Ritual move is complex, requires some serious time/items/sacrifice, where as the mage can make up her results on the fly, within their school.  With none of the requirements of Ritual.  I’m looking for a class where a magic user can sling mojo a la carte, with lots of chaos and backfiring for good story telling.

  2. I’m GMing for a playing playing a Mage.  I changed the class damage to d4, but increased it to d8 for spells.

    Yes, it’s exactly that kind of magic system.  My player’s 1st level mage, after setting several structures ablaze, used his magic to teleport out of danger.  I really liked it that he has only used it to teleport himself home.  Another time, he used it to communicate with foreigners, and do to the chaotic nature of magic, he was stuck speaking that language, and only that language, long enough to cause a misunderstanding that has pitted him and the Priest against each other.

    After that encounter, he wanted to use it to heal himself until I asked for rolls…  Then he decided to go to his cave and real up naturally.   That really made me feel like I had done my job well.  The magic is not to be taken lightly.

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