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  1. Hey, great idea!

    I like the concept and draft, but something rubs me wrong about stealing ranger moves for some reason.

    Also, +2 on death rolls is pretty hoss. A bit too hoss, maybe, especially if it stacks with bonds.

  2. Thanks!

    Regarding “stealing ranger moves”, gaining a single move from another class is essentially a limited form of multiclassing. While wizards can’t normally multiclass, it seemed reasonable to me that in this very specific instance they could gain the move.

    Similarly, I need to re-word the raven ability, but the intent that is you aid them, and, instead of the +1 they’d normally take, they take +2. This doesn’t stack with bonds (although you do use your bonds to roll to aid).

    I’ve edited the raven to hopefully be more clear. ūüôā

  3. I like the idea of a wizard having a familiar but I always thought familiars helped wizards cast their spells in some way (although, maybe that’s just me). Also, it might fit DW’s free-form nature better if the player gets to choose a bonus from a list and then describes what type of animal form their familiar takes.

    Actually, if a player wanted, I would probably just attribute one of the wizard’s regular advanced moves (gained when leveling up) to the fiction of gaining a familiar. Although, your compendium class method would obviously work better if a player wanted to make their familiar into the focus of their character’s ability advancement.

  4. I just asked about this Рtiming is everything. 

    needs more psuedodragon

    Suggested tweaks… ¬†make it a little like Sig Weapon – pick type, pick ¬†enhancements etc. ¬†

    Conduit Рa wizard can cast spells through the familiar, even if separated by distance.  

    Whispered Secrets – the familiar grants plus 1 when spouting lore by whispering occult secrets to its master

    Soulkepper – the Wizard’s soul resides in the familiar’s body. ¬†If killed, your companions will have an easier time winning your life back, and in the¬†meantime¬†you can play your familiar as your temporary character if you desire.

    Warding Рadds 2 to attempts to Defy Danger when in direct contact with you, and you are resisting magical danger.    

    Elemental Alignment Рadds 2 to attempts to Defy Danger related to the element it is aligned with, and adds 1d6 elemental damage to any attack spell.  However, you suffer a -2 penalty to Defy Danger related to the opposed element to which your familiar is aligned.  

    Heartspell Рyour familiar can carry 1 level of spell that you prepare for it, and use the Cast a Spell move.

    Big and Dangerous Рyour familiar is big and fierce enough to pose a physical threat to your enemies.  It has an effective Strength equal to you Intelligence and Dexterity equal to your Wisdom, and can Hack and Slash, Defend you, and Defy Danger.  It can inflict 1d6 damage.  The risk is that any injury it suffers, you suffer.  

    Mount Рyour familiar is either large enough to ride, or can magically grow to such a size.  This grants +2 load, and allows you to take +2 to Trailblaze or Scout, but you must mark double the rations while the familiar serves you this way, as the works makes the beasty hungry.  

    Secret Senses Рyou can make use of the Ranger move Hunt and Track to identify magical emanations and creatures, and pursue them.


  5. Kevin Ecker , in many cases that is true (aiding in spellcasting), although I was weaned on 3/3.5 edition D&D where each familiar offers some particular minor (and usually thematic), so that is my biggest influence here.

    An interesting experiment for a spell-assisting familiar might be to combine the hireling rules for the appropriate type; I don’t have the book handy at this second so I’m not sure, but it might be cool.

  6. Benjamin Baugh¬†: I really like some of your individual ideas, and I’m gonna meditate on them and maybe add some as advanced moves, but I’m not really feeling the “mix-and-match” or “pick some” idea (which Kevin also mentioned).

    On the other hand, I’d love to see any variants or unique takes on the idea. This community certainly can’t have enough cool stuff!

  7. Prior to 3e, where Familiars became a class feature, they were had with the ever-capricious Find Familiar spell. ¬†Were I writing up a version of this move more in-line with older handling of familiars, I’d have basic creature types (eleven, say), and mystical traits (eleven more, say), and quirks (another eleven). ¬†So, you an randomly roll them up with two dice, for… GOAT -> Soulkeeper ->¬†Baleful¬†Gaze -> Must Be Fed Blood¬†

    Jagger the Hellgoat.

    When you use ritual magic to summon and bond with a familiar spirit, roll+Cha .  On 2-6, you summon your familiar but have no control over the beast you conjure.  On 7 Р9, you have some control and may pick rather than roll for 1 of its 4 traits.  On a 10+ you summon your familiar, but have great control and may pick 3 of its 4 trails.

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