7 thoughts on “Woohoo! Much awesomeness just arrived…”

  1. Hehe. I wondered about that, Adam Koebel.

    At least I know if the ancient overlords get me drunk, I’ll have a chance to avoid the dreaded hangover.

    Oh, I must also inform everyone that my wife Annmarie Morgan approves of the art very much, as do I.

  2. In order of appearance:

    Front cover (color, composition, style, subject matter; it all just works)

    The bard (amazing, simply amazing. Reasonable, practical, & love the spectacles. Annmarie Morgan’s comment: “normal size boobs! OMG! possibly paraphrased)

    The Druid

    The Fighter (elf female in reasonable armor and a fighter? FTW)

    The Ranger (I like rangers)

    The lead-in for the GM chapter (LOVE everything in this picture)

    I could go on, but this comment is already getting long…

  3. The cover was one of those pieces that when Sage and I saw it, we exchanged about a dozen emails in all caps.

    The bard was the first character art that Emily DeLisle made for us.  When your class starts with a B, I suppose that’s to be expected.  I really like her, too.  I want to read a novel where she and the Ranger hang out and do fun stuff together.

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