18 thoughts on “What is the deal with this monster?”

  1. Folk aren’t quite so scared of the crab, really. Its the cult that formed around the crab. Legend says the facets of the crab, when reassembled in the proper order, reveal the key to the prison of the Thrice-Damned. The guardians of the crab, well, some say they’re studying it to find the key for themselves, others say they protect it so none can find the key. One thing’s for sure, anyone who gets to close to that crab is marked for death. Now, ask me again why I sleep in a chair with a loaded crossbow.

  2. A piece of art, crafted by the Insatiable Aesthetician on one of his binges while escaped from the Pyramidal Manse beyond the White Gates of Madness. 

    Each pane of glass holds a single soul. The act of art required the depopulation of the fishing community of Gremby’s Shore. If you get close enough, you can hear them screaming. 

    Most find it too terrifying to face. Those who don’t, find it too beautiful to destroy. 

    To the Aesthetician, the work shall only be finished once it has been smashed. 

  3. The worst part is when it gets real close and you can see that it’s full of water and all the little crabs inside are eyeing you and opening and closing their claws in unison. That’s when you realize that you’re 5 leagues inland – how long has it been following you?

  4. Some say they’re artifacts of the Prismatic Wars, when the ancient order of Heliomancers reigned supreme with their spells of light, and it was only natural to engineer constructs in mind with defenses that could refract and distort such energies to their own purposes. These days, of course, such once-common spells as Brilliant Rebuke and Dire Flare have been lost to time, and the Refractors scuttle in dark places where the last of the Heliomancers’ great works, the humble Light cantrip, is most likely to be employed.

  5. It’s actually a grotesque yet decadent chariot.

    Imagine the Sultana, reclining across its back as it scuttles monstrously down the avenue, lurching this way and that — but the sultana is unmoved, for no creature would dare unseat her.

  6. Glass Crab

    solitary, large, construct

    16 hp, 0 armor

    Claws (d10+1 dam, +1piercing) Close, reach, messy

    Special Qualities: fragile

    Enchanted for display by a long forgotten dead mage, this construct is made of heavily enchanted glass

    Instinct: to show off how clever it’s maker was

     • run from danger

     • preen

     • display wealth

  7. The reason you make a construct out of glass is simple…because you filled it with poisonous gas. Roll Defy Danger if you are near or close when it gets shattered.

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