I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.

I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.

I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.

Last we left our protagonists, they were fleeing into the Spirit Wood on druid-elkback to escape the Kobold/Lizard-folk legion that had taken Fort Ironwood on the Orc/Halfling border.


The Scouring of the Spirit Wood


>Tanner, Thistle, Rose, Bardor, et al. – Halfling militia who fled the Fort, seeking refuge in the Spirit Wood, abandoning the PCs

>Felix, and five others – Halfling militia who stayed behind and were evacuated into the Wood by the PCs

>Grudge Cinderskin, Kobold holy warrior

>Stitchwing, Kobold blood wizard

>Siskis the Hooded, Lizard-folk lieutenant

>Lord High Lord of the Animals

>Various spirits & animals


>What is the one Great Forest animal that forbids the Druid from sharing in its power?

>Who will control the Spirit Tree when all is said and done?

>Will the Lord High Lord of the animals be punished for its treasonous acts? How?

>What will happen to the Halfling clan-counsel?


The Kobold Legion (Barbarians)

Impulse: To grow strong, drive their enemies before them

Grim Portents…

>Kobolds & Lizard-folk discover Halflings hiding in the Spirit Wood and take them prisoner at their camp

>Siskis the Hooded interrogates his Halfling prisoners to learn the details of the Grove of the Spirit Tree

>Siskis and his clutch-brothers enter the Grove at night to raze the Tree and steal away with its seeds

Impending Doom



Lord High Lord of the Animals (Thieves Guild)

Impulse: To take by subterfuge

Grim Portents…

>The Lord’s animal servants lead the Kobolds to the secret Halfling trails that criss-cross the Wood.

>The Lord convinces the Halfling clan-council to seek refuge outside the capitol while the Kobolds are attacking

>Outside the capitol, the clan-council is ambushed; meanwhile, the Lord High Lord enters the Grove of the Spirit Tree to claim the woods as his own.

Impending Doom


Custom Moves

When you stand beneath the branches of the Spirit Tree, you may commune directly with the spirits. A successful Parley check with leverage or gifts allows one to Contact Spirits like the Level 1 Wizard’s spell but only for animals and plants of the Halflings’ home.

When you look into water gathered around the roots of the Spirit Tree, you may parley with leverage or gifts to be granted Visions Through Time like the Level 3 Wizard’s spell.

5 thoughts on “I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.”

  1. Grudge Cinderskin, holy warrior

    Divine, Hoarder, Intelligent, Organized, Solitary, Small

    14HP     3Armor

    Treasured Spear (d10+2 damage, close, reach, messy, 2 piercing)

    And Servants we shall be

    For thee, my Lord, for thee.

    Power hath descended forth from Thy claw

    Our teeth may swiftly kill at thy Call.

    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

    And teeming with gold shall it ever be.

    Special Quality: Dragon Connection, Blessed

    Instinct: Steal and pillage priceless treasures, as a religious calling


    >Sacrifice his kin for his holy mission

    >Rally Kobolds beneath his banner

  2. Siskis the Hooded, clutch lieutenant

    Intelligent, Group, Organized, Stealthy, Terrifying

    10HP     2Armor

    Pole and Hook (b[2d8]+4 damage, close, reach, forceful)

    Lizard-folk clutches are a sight to behold; they’re the closest thing Lizard-folk have to a “party of heroes,” by all accounts. Perfectly in sync with one another — pheromones or something crazy like that, I guess. They’re always setting each other up to do big tricks and just when you think you’re in control THACO! you’re in trouble now.

    Every once in a while though, I hear one of them clutch warriors gets a wild idea to strike out and try and make it solo. Go against the collective or such. I hear they don’t last long.

    Special Quality: Amphibious, Officer, Strange and Garish Serpent’s Hood

    Instinct: To win personal, individual glory


    >Coordinate a perfect strike with its clutch

    >Appear from the depths, in force

    >Summon Lizard-folk subordinates, or its clutch

  3. I figure Stitchwing the blood wizard is, for now, just a normal Kobold Sorcerer from p.14 of the Monster Companion.

    Done with this adventure, and half-done with Front prep. Going to make one for the Orc barrows the Kobolds have been hiding in. Seems like a solid idea of where the PCs could investigate next since the Kobolds’ appearance was so sudden and suspicious.

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