13 thoughts on “I did not back the Kickstarter.”

  1. I meant that the store endgame doesn’t sell online and im not sure if you can buy from indie press revolution without owning a store but they didn’t have the hard copy yet anyway. So still sad

  2. close I’m in Albuquerque but I grew up in Gallup and that was the armpit of the world. But I know what you mean about Socorro lol this may look like a city but it’s just a big town.

  3. That’s so awesome you don’t how cool that is. For someone to be designing games and not just any game a game that I believe changes the industry to come from my home state. Makes me feel all geeky a warm geeky… Being the geek that am game designers are rock stars to me so. Ok I’m done gushing, I hope you guys kick ass with this game and I hope to help. I’m buying it for everyone in my group.

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