I have an emergency request!

I have an emergency request!

I have an emergency request! My fiance and I were unable to do anything for Valentine’s Day, so she surprised me with a trip to Portland this weekend to be romantic and handle a few wedding details. This is great.

However, I am supposed to run the Planarch Codex for 4 players over Hangouts this Saturday night, 7pm-11pm PST, as part of the awesome Indie+ online convention thing. I was planning on using World of Dungeons and my custom sheets for that, but from the comments, it seems like some of the players are expecting standard Dungeon World.

Is there anybody who can do me a major favor and run Planarch for me this Saturday, either DW or WoDu style? In return, I am happy to run the Planarch Codex for you and your friends at some future date (even next week!) and/or trade you some custom moves/content for the Planarch Codex. You can have a unique page torn from the codex that is yours alone, to do with however you see fit (including, of course, giving it away for free to everyone).

I can also provide supporting materials and walk you through what I was planning on doing, or I can totally be hands-off and just let you do your thing. Either way! Plus, I’ll owe you big time, for whatever that’s worth.

There is another backup possibility, if nobody steps forward, but my first choice is to get somebody awesome from the DW community to replace me, since you cats rock the phonics like Seattle Supersonics. Feel free to reply here or contact me off-list, and it’s not necessarily first-come first-serve, since there may be folks for whom it’s a larger or smaller inconvenience, given timezones and whatnot.

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  1. Hmmm… I’d love to step up and do you a solid, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with the source material that inspired the Planarch Codex, so I’d probably feel like I wasn’t doing it right.

    If you’ve got a solid batch of prep materials though, I might be able to work my way through them. I just don’t think I could improvise something on short notice.

  2. I understand the anxiety (some other folks have voiced that in private messages), but I don’t want someone to be me; I want you to be yourselves! It’s totally cool and expected if we run Planarch differently. I don’t run DW exactly like Sage or Adam either and sometimes make mistakes just like everyone else. But yes: I’m definitely happy to provide some notes if that would be helpful.

  3. Oh sure. I’m not expecting to mimic you or anything, I just feel like I don’t have a large inspiration well to draw on.

    If you have some notes, I’d look them over and see what I can do, but I’m also happy to yield the opportunity to someone who’s psyched and brimming with ideas.

  4. Dylan Boates Sorry for the lack of updates. We have someone who’s agreed to step up, and they’ve run a bunch of Planarch for their home crew already, so I think we’re good unless something else crazy happens.

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