Monsters of madness! This time brought to you by

Monsters of madness! This time brought to you by

Monsters of madness! This time brought to you by

CUCKOO SHELL (Solitary, Large, planar)

tentacles(1d8+1 damage) close, reach


The Cuckoo Shell would be just another mindless ravaging beast, no more (or less) dangerous than, say, a rabid owlbear, but much as undead are powered by the energies of the Black Gates of Death’s Kingdom, so too is it a creature powered by the White Gates of Madness’s Kingdom, and such creaturess are never simple or straightforward foes.

Anyone who identifies as a member of a specific group or organization will perceive the Cuckoo Shell as a fellow member of that organization. It is not that it will appear human (or elven or whatever) to them, rather, the mind will gloss over the geometric carapace, long segmented tail, and squirming mass of tentacles unless something causes them to specifically focus on the details, instead seeing only “a fellow member of my thieves’ guild” or “a tribesman from my homeland”. This can quickly complicate a Cuckoo Shell’s attack. especially in populated areas, as a paladin who sees a “fellow” member of her order attacking townsfolk may assume those townsfolk are cultists or monsters in disguise (even as said townsfolk wonder why one of their neighbors has gone mad as is murdering them), and guardsmen witnessing adventurers attacking one of their “colleagues” will almost invariably leap in to their defense.

Instinct: To rampage mindlessly


– Entangle someone with tentacles

– Confuse someone into fighting alongside it

– Twist magic used against it with the touch of madness

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