Had my inaugural game of Dungeon World. It was pretty great, I think.

Had my inaugural game of Dungeon World. It was pretty great, I think.

Had my inaugural game of Dungeon World. It was pretty great, I think.

We settled on a framework after some conversation: a game about a fellowship of peacekeepers serving the treaty of several kingdoms in control of powerful artifacts.

The party included…

•Puck (formerly of Clan Shakesberry) the good halfling Druid

•Mouse Shakesberry the chaotic halfling Thief

•Takola the Mirthful the neutral outsider Barbarian

Things discovered through play:

•The Halflings of the southern forests are spiritualists, worshipping the nature spirits of their home.

•Puck is a sign they are favored by the spirits — his Druid powers mean they are blessed.

•The Halflings are the fourth member of the alliance also consisting of the Elf dominion, Human kingdoms, and Orc city-states.

•The most recent addition to the alliance are the Stone Elves from the eastern mountain tops.

•The Stone Elves (called “gnomes”) are elves created through a forgotten pact with earth spirits — their bodies are marble-esque and their eyes are gemstones.

•The gnomes are hated by the dwarves deep in the mountains because they “stole” their earth spirits.

•The Eocene used to inhabit the mainland before being cast out. They’ve begun to return in small numbers, searching for something.

•The Eocene are seen as good fortune and welcomed in most places.

•Kobolds and Lizard-folk are not part of the treaty — apparently, dragons in the desert beyond the mountains drive the Kobolds to raid and pillage cities for their artifacts.

•The artifact possessed by the Halfling High Council is a spirit tree. Its seeds, when planted, connect the Halfling’s land to the spirit world and give trees life. It also allows direct communication to the spirits while in its presence.

So, yeah, we had a long session with a lot of questions asked about the world… And still more to ask.

The players chose for their bonds:

Takola the barbarian…

•Mouse is puny and foolish, but amusing to me.

•Mouse is always getting into trouble — I must protect her from herself.

•Puck’s ways are strange and confusing.

Mouse the thief…

•Puck has my back when things go wrong.

Puck the druid…

•Tak smells more like prey than hunter.

•I have showed Mouse a secret rite of the Land.

•Mouse has tasted my blood and I theirs. We are bound by it.

We also played through some stuff, but that’s probably a separate post. Everybody said they had a blast, everyone seemed excited to get together and play again!

4 thoughts on “Had my inaugural game of Dungeon World. It was pretty great, I think.”

  1. Just some more neat stuff from my campaign as I kill time at work doing game prep:

    The protagonists in my game:

    Mouse the halfling thief has shifty eyes, messy hair, and common clothes on a lithe body.

    Takola the Mirthful stone elf barbarian has wide eyes, a supple body covered in strange tattoos, wearing a scavengers outfit.

    Puck the halflinf druid has wild eyes, messy hair like leaves, and wears weathered hides.

    I get the impression that halflings in my setting have unkempt hair naturally and always look a little scary if you stare into their eyes.

    That’ll be useful for descriptions since next game they’ll probably be seeing more Halflings!

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