Question about combat.

Question about combat.

Question about combat. Does combat take place simultaneously or one-at-a-time? For instance, Goblin attacks Fighter, Fighter reacts by attacking (Hack and Slash). Fighter rolls a 7, rolls damage. Does enough damage to kill the Goblin. Is it over at that point, IE, the Fighter went first and killed the Goblin, OR since the Fighter rolled a 7, does the Goblin still get an attack, even though he’s “dead”?

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  1. Monsters don’t get turns, per se. Instead, the action that triggers the character to react is the beginning of the monster action, followed through if the player rolls anything less than 10. If it was 7-9, the character gets what they want, but at the same time, the monster gets a hit in (either narrative or damage). On a 6-, the monster gets its way and denies the player the action somehow. For instance: a screeching goblin rushes at the fighter, swinging a jagged knife. The DM asks what the player does to respond? The player opts to clock the goblin before he can get a hit in. Hack and Slash! The player rolls 7-9, so the goblin rushes inside, slicing at the knees of the character, inflicting a few points of damage just before the character strikes and lays the goblin out.

  2. Or, imagine the dying goblin (a sword through his chest) spending his last strengths to stick a knife in warrior’s thigh.

    There is no “turn” in DW. The fiction does the timing.

  3. The thing to focus on is what the monsters are doing moment-to-moment. Just tell the players what they’re doing. If the players don’t do anything about it, the monster’s actions have their effects, whatever those may be: damage, etc. If they do something about it, maybe they prevent the potential outcome.

    When a move triggers it just cements a point in that process.

  4. OK, I got it. I was just having an issue when I ran my very first game this weekend; our Fighter was rolling LOTS of 7-9s, but was rolling enough damage to bust goblin skulls like watermelons. So I was unable to attack her back.

  5. I had a game where the fighter was a killing machine and another dude was missing all night long. At the end of the night, the fighter had very little XP and the other guy nearly leveled up. 

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