4 thoughts on “Like peanut butter and chocolate?”

  1. HELL YES. I think Ptolus could work great with DW. There’s certainly no shortage of Fronts! Our long-running Ptolus campaign ended up breaking two editions of D&D – I’m hoping to finish it using DW.

  2. I ran Ptolus for a year long campaign that started with 3.5 but we ended up migrating to Savage Worlds about 2 months in and it still worked very well. There is so much potential there that I can see running it in any system and it still works as long as you just focus on the intrigue/tension/politics/delving and not care about stats.

  3. Yeah – our game got all about the politics, mad plans, and personal relationships, and D&D just gave us no help at all in that regard. It was great while it worked though.

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