7 thoughts on “It’s here! The chapbooks are adorable!”

  1. Steal his Books: Roll + Dex, On a 10+ you take his books and frame someone else. On a 7-9 Choose 2: You take his books, His dog bites you [Messy], He catches you in the act.

  2. “His dog bites me” is not a valid choice, as I would first have to get a dog. “His cats scurry under the bed” just doesn’t feel like much of a consequence.

  3. “You take his books” is a false choice, anyway. Try this one:

    When you steal David Thiel’s Dungeon World Books, Roll+DEX. On a hit, the books are yours. On a 7-9, also choose one:

    – He catches a glimpse of your face

    – You leave something behind

    – You feel guilty — -1 ongoing to all roles made while using the books.

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