24 thoughts on “So what Fantasy Archetypes are not covered in the Game right now?”

  1. Peasant boy with a destiny. Or possibly that’s a subclass of Everyman Hero. Sometimes they change into another class (often Fighter or Wizard) but there are lots of examples where that doesn’t happen, too.

  2. Shrewd Merchant, either big or small. Inventive Artificer. Dainty Nobleman with political pull. Messenger/Spy. Assassin. Administrative clerk/acolyte. Wise, cranky old witch.

    Some other examples didn’t feel like ‘standard’ fantasy, so I omitted them. 

  3. I thought about it a bit more and i think a DW Class is “Someone that is really capable at what he does, able to handle dangerous situations and has a constant drive to get into adventures” 

    Shrewd Merchant and Administrator doesn’t really cut it. 

    Nobleman – i am not sure. Not the kind of guy that get’s into adventures really, he has noble stuff to do. 

    but you still could simply call yourself a Noble but be a Fighter, Paladin, Bard oder Rogue. 

    I give you Artificer. A Messenger/Spy/Assassin can be done with either Rogue or Ranger. A cnaky old witch is simple to do as a Wizard. 

  4. Maybe it’s because of Discworld, but I feel there is a certain difference in style between witch and wizard magic. The witch is more suited for divination, headology, strange brews. The Druid class would be a closer fit, but still miss some of the charm. 

    I’ve played both a Shrewd Merchant and an Administrator before in dangerous scenarios (not DW). They can certainly hold their own. 🙂 Compare their potential movesets with that of the Bard class. Mostly for NPC interactions, and extensions of the Spout Lore, Parley or Supply moves. 

  5. For a Discworld wich i would probarbly play a Bard and get the “Cast a Spell” move later. There are plenty of Summonings and Divinations in the Spelllist i think. Ritual can help with potions and stuff. 

  6. I think a mounted Knight, especially if we actually mean a capital-K Knight as in knighted by someone relevant, is the Landed Gentry compendium class with a horse.

    Someone who wrecks your shit while mounted (regardless of the regalia and pomp of a knight) would be good stuff but I don’t think it’s worth a CC of more than two or three moves. So maybe…

    The Cavalier

    When you ride a mount into battle and claim victory or unseat an enemy from their steed, the next time you level up you may take “Dragoon.”

    Dragoon: When you ride into battle, take +1forward whenever you trigger your mount’s moves.

    If you’re Cavalier, these count as class moves; they may be taken when you level up.

    Horse-breaker: With time, patience, and training, you can break any horse. Roll+WIS whenever its training is complete. On a 10+ all of the below. On a 7-9, choose 2:

    •The horse will be fearless, not easily startled.

    •The horse will be battle-hardened, and add +1d4 damage when you attack from the saddle.

    •Your horse will be clever and know one trick like an animal companion.

    On a miss choose one anyway, but the GM will give the horse a new move — a flaw in its rearing.

    Tilting at Giants: Whenever you charge while using a weapon with reach, roll+STR. On a 10+, deal your damage and choose:

    •Deal 1d8 damage

    •Unseat the target from her mount.

    •Route several targets, sending them where you want them to go.

    On a 7-9, you may choose from the above list, but you’re open to a counter attack. The GM will broadcast the threat, and you have this chance to back off.

    On a miss, you’re no true rider! You’ve been unseated and left vulnerable!

  7. Couldn’t you do this with just  extra Spells? 

    A DnD Illusionist is a Guy with a specific spell list. What more do you need? Create-a-Illusion Move? 

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