17 thoughts on “You know what i miss in Dungeon World?”

  1. Barkskin could be incarnum Armor. Formcrafter is just Inarnum Focus. 

    It’s a shame that Chimera comes so later, it really would help the flavour. Thing talker helps a bit but …

  2. Jeremy Morgan The entire class revolved around making checks with the Trunaming skill, a skill who’d DC’s were dependent on the CR of the creature you were trying to effect.

    15+2xCR. That’s the DC you need to hit. Doing so with any regularity requires 2 feats, an Item Familiar, custom magic items, and a huge list of other stuff that is banned in most games. It just scales way too poorly.

    Basically you became worse at what you do the higher level you got to the point where the class basically didn’t work.

    It’s a shame too because the idea was neat.


    Someone else.

  3. Also the Truenamers Utterances (their “spells”) had their save DC’s based on CHA despite Trunaming (Or Truepeaking, cant remember) being based off of INT and, as I said before, scaling monumentally quickly.

    So not only was the class gimped in using its signature feature but it was required to be MAD to make them work even if they went off at all.

    I’m actually angry remembering this now. I LOVED the idea of truename magic and was so excited for that book and the fucked it up SO FUCKING BAD.

    I’ll be  in The Angry Dome!

  4. Yeah, Edward hit it on the nose, there. I remember once I was all “I’m gonna play a changeling mystic theurge! With truenaming! It’ll be awesome!” Then I noticed that I actually became worse and worse at using truenaming against level-appropriate foes as I got higher and higher in level and was all “Ugh.” Fortunately that character was eaten by a dragon. As one does.

  5. Awesome source for theft if you want to write up some truenaming spells: The L5R Enemies of the Empire book: ratkin magic is ALL ABOUT names and such. Good mojo.

  6. Thanks for the actual play info, peeps! It saddens me that such an awesome concept has troublesome mechanics. Were I so inclined, I’d try and do something better. Maybe that one will go on game design bucket list for long-term development…

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