Any ancient history fans in the house?

Any ancient history fans in the house?

Any ancient history fans in the house?

The Pompous Boots

These boots were crafted by priests for a mighty general of an ancient republic. A heroic warrior, then a mighty statesmen but ultimately a failure – the owner of these boots died fleeing civil war, cut down by traitors in a foreign land.  While he was in his prime, however, it was said he could call up loyal soldiers wherever his feet touched the ground.

Whoever wears these boots may stamp their feet, call out a prayer to the gods of Glory and Vanity and from the earth before them will spring up a unit of unearthly warriors, ready to serve in battle.  The soldiers wear bronze armor in the old style, and carry shields and spears and short, stabbing swords.  They cannot speak, nor do anything but follow orders in battle.  When they are slain, they vanish with a bright flash.

When you stomp the pompous boots upon the battlefield, roll + CHA:; on a 10+, pick two, on a 7-9, just one.

– your soldiers are particularly brave, tough and loyal

– you do not have to wait until the next full moon to summon them again

– the soldiers carry magical weapons capable of damaging ghosts, spirits and the like as well as flesh

11 thoughts on “Any ancient history fans in the house?”

  1. Nero’s Lighter

    No need for a red dragon anymore !

    Easier to keep in your pocket.

    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

    (BTW how do you select Bold letters in g+ ?)

  2. The boots of Pompey the Great?

    I’m thinking you could also add “on a miss your side will ultimately lose the battle no matter how big of an advantage you thought you had”

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