So, I haven’t posted about my Dungeon World game in… two weeks?

So, I haven’t posted about my Dungeon World game in… two weeks?

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So, I haven’t posted about my Dungeon World game in… two weeks?

When last I left off (in this post the PCs had made it to Darujhistan and spent some time talking to priests.

After that they decided to try to track down some suspicious activity in town and see if they can find evidence of the Worm God’s influence.

They’ve seen that the Worm God likes to make zombies, so they tracked down rumors of improperly buried corpses (with help from the local Death Church), particularly ones being dumped in the river from the refugee camps.

They headed back out to the camps and spotted someone dumping a body!

Unfortunately, Gretta flashed some cash around giving money to some poor beggars and then failed a Discern Realities roll and ended up getting pickpocketed!

They caught the thief easily, but lost the body dumpers in the process, which is too bad because when they recovered the body they learned that he was a Captain of the City Watch and that he had been MURDERED! (Garotted and stabbed from behind, in fact.)

This lead to them being questioned by the city watch for quite some time.

Eventually they returned to their tour of the seedy underbelly of Darujhistan and decided to stop by some bars.

The first one was super weird, a black tower built around some sort of well and obelisk. (It used to be a temple to an elder god, but they don’t know that.) The only customers were a bunch of freaks and weirdo’s who were playing a card game (that seemed to be made up on the spot) with a tarot like oracle sacred to the Queen of Dreams.

Gretta decided to play with them and ended up picking up the card representing the Worm God and hanging on to it, while placing her own card on top of “The Throne”… I don’t know what that means yet, but I think it’ll be awesome.

Then they went to another bar where they met a bunch of shady criminals who were plotting some sort of a robbery. One of them seemed to be an information broker who traded them local rumors for news about the war. The rumors included word of a charismatic preacher with an arm made from silver and brass leading the new religion in the refugee camps.

They decided to check this out, but wanted to find an alternate way out of the city because the Watch told them not to leave until the Captain’s murder had been solved. They thought going through the gates would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Hycorax thought, “Hey! I’ll just turn into an earth elemental and tunnel us out!” but got distracted when he discovered that the local earth spirits had been POISONED!

They decided to head over to the temple of the Earth Mother to see if the priests could explain.

These guys must LOVE talking to priests because they chatted for quite some time with the evasive and nervous clergy who insisted that everything was fine before Hycorax pointed out that he has the Divine Revelation spell and can just talk DIRECTLY TO THEIR GOD. Seriously, I don’t know why they bothered mucking around with the clergy…

The Earth Mother revealed that she has been poisoned and corrupted by an ancient god from another world who was imprisoned within her ages ago by an alliance of elder gods.

They’re pretty sure that ancient god is the Worm God.

So they decided to go on with their plan to investigate this new religion, this time deciding to just go through the sewers. They were climbing down into the tunnel when Jonah was garotted from behind!

Then there was a big exciting battle with assassins. A couple assassins were killed, a few things got blown up, and the assassins vanished in the confusion, probably by magic.

Now the PCs are waiting for the Watch to show up and grill them again! We’ll find out what happens next later tonight.

11 thoughts on “So, I haven’t posted about my Dungeon World game in… two weeks?”

  1. Heh. I’ve actually avoided mentioning some of the “proper” names for things here to avoid making it obvious how much I’ve stolen from the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

    Darujhistan is actually a combination of Darujhistan, Capustan and Letheras. (The map is actually a map of Letheras with “Letheras” crossed out and “Darujhistan” written over it. I would have used the map of Darujhistan, but the geography doesn’t fit. There’s no Daru Bay in my city.)

    The Imperial invasion force is clearly based on the Malazan invasion of Genabackis (except the PCs saved Pale…) except the Moranth are dwarves… Basically all the gods are stolen, except Shadowthrone is a lady named Venith…

    The Worm God actually came from Josh Mannon’s Within the Devil’s Reach adventure, but he’s clearly got a lot of similarities to the Crippled God. (The refugee church actually calls him the Crippled God…)

    Seriously, I’m a little embarrassed by how much stuff I’ve stolen.

    Fortunately, the actual PLOT is mostly original. It’s just a great grab bag of characters, places and gods.

  2. Hey, I’m the guy who’s written a base class based almost entirely on how Erikson portrays shamans, and is writing a city campaign guide based on Darujhistan and an Assassin class that’s basically a Claw.

  3. You know, I just wrote up a monster entry for Claws…

    I may not have mentioned it above, because it gets confusing, but the assassins that attacked the PCs are ACTUALLY Imperial assassins DISGUISED as members of the Darujhistan Assassin’s Guild.

    They’ve been too busy messing in spiritual corruption to realize that their TERRESTRIAL enemies are waging a shadow war across the city. Now BOTH groups of assassins (probably) wants them dead! And they have no idea!

  4. You know, I just skimmed over my previous post and realized I was TOTALLY SHAMELESS in my theft there.

    Serc, Hood, Mother Dark, Anomander Rake, Hounds of Shadow, Darijhistan, Pale AND The Crippled God all get a mention. At least, BY NAME.

    Tog, Fanderay, Fener, Burn, Oponn and Queen of Dreams are all present, but not mentioned by name…

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