I put together Django-based compendium class.

I put together Django-based compendium class.

I put together Django-based compendium class. Check it out. English is not native for me, so please correct my mistakes if there are any,

Bounty Hunter 

When you hunt a sentient person to bring it dead or alive, you may take this move when you level up.

Place the Bait

When you disguise and play on person’s desires to get closer to your target, roll +CHA. On 10+ hold 4. On 7-9 hold 2.

The hold is spent one-by-one when something of the following happens:

* you use your deception as a leverage

* the person deceived gets into trouble because of your lies

* there’s an indication of your fraud

* significant time passes

Spend all your hold to get a drop on target. When the hold is out, you’re uncovered.

Once you’ve taken Place the Bait, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up.

Fastest Arm in the West

When you unsheathe your weapon and strike in a moment’s notice, no one unarmed gets a chance to react.

The Professional

Take a move from ranger or bard class list

Sheer Determination

When you designate a target, write a Bond with it.

Raise the Stakes

When you use your deception as a leverage to Parley and pile up more lies in process, on 10+ get one more hold.

5 thoughts on “I put together Django-based compendium class.”

  1. Looks cool! Though “to cover up indication of your fraud” is wrong grammatically, it should be either “when you cover up …” or the original one. And I don’t know about +1 forward when you get a drop: in my thoughts when you get a drop that suddenly you don’t roll at all.

  2. I thought that it would be something that’s played out- especially if you get the drop on another PC.  I can change it if you want- it just seemed that this would be a dramatically appropriate time, so something that would be played out as things could still go wrong, though +1forward for each spent would make it less likely.  Also to give the player a reason to play the mark along, rather than just spend the hold from the beginning and resolve it.  What do you think?

  3. I definitly don’t want you to change anything (but gramma), that’s just how I would done it. 

    Instant resolution… May be “Spend all your hold to get a drop on target” should be “Spend all your hold when you get a drop on target” – that way player gets to spend the hold before he actually gets in position for a drop. 

    Think of Candyland trip:

    Schultz rolls 10+ and gets 4 hold. Spends 1 hold to get leverage – $12k bait. Parleys succesfully and spends 1 hold to get Candy rolling on an exhausting trip. Spends 1 hold when he gets all soft and pays for D’Artagnan (indicating his fraud). Django Raises the Stakes with D’Artagnan’s life as a leverage and gets that hold back. Shultz spends 1 hold as the time passes. He still does not have a drop on target… and then something happens that indicates his fraud and BAM!

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