Spring-heeled Jackboots

Spring-heeled Jackboots

Spring-heeled Jackboots 

The first recorded set of these were quite literally slapped together by an industrious Goblin cobbler. They’ve  since found use among lover’s of the eccentric and, in at least one instance, a Gnome with an overwhelming desire to possess sweets held by unsuspecting newborns.   

When you defy danger with the assistance of the Spring-heeled Jackboots, describe how they assist you and roll +int. *On a 10+ the jackboots help you bound away, take +1 to defy danger. *On a 7-9 pick one:

– The jackboots have a minor malfunction. You will need to take some time  

  (and 1 use of adventuring gear) to fix them before they can be used again.

– The jackboots work, (take +1 to defy the danger) but you place an ally into

  a spot as a result.


On a miss, something’s gone terribly wrong and take -1 to your defy danger roll. 

6 thoughts on “Spring-heeled Jackboots”

  1. Cool item.

    I think the boots should not affect Defy Danger at all. They are simply a special effect: “These boots let you leap up to X feet.” If you use them to Defy Danger, just describe how you vault to safety, and make your roll as usual. The boots just let you do it in a new way.

    Most magic items (and items) are merely descriptive. Those that have a move associated with them are defining a something wholly new. I could only find two items that modified a roll, both mundane, both are expendible meaning you have to spend coin for each use, and both are automatic with no extra roll associated with them. (Bag of Books, Halfling Pipeleaf.)

    The item that corresponds most closely to the jackboots is the Teleportation Room. Using it as a model, I’d suggest:

    When you use the jackboots to leap to a specific location, roll +DEX. On a 10+ you reach your goal.On a 7-9, the jackboots malfunction, and you miss your goal but end up someplace safe. Otherwise, they malfunction and put you in a dangerous spot. Whenever the jackboots malfunction, they cannot be used again until repaired (1 use of adventuring gear).

  2. A fair point Mike Harvey , thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take a look at the Teleportation room. Your version looks great, I hope you don’t mind if I crib it, lacking a bolt of inspiration.  

  3. Tim Noyce That looks eerily like the one I redrafted – which is heartening; hopefully it means I’m in the ballpark. Also took Mike Harvey ‘s version of a miss (so thank’s again to all):

    When you use the Jackboots to leap somewhere in range (~25ft), roll +str. *On a 10+ you leap to your destination. *On a 7-9, pick one: (1) you land where you intended; (2) you land without incident. On a miss, the jackboots suffer damage and you place yourself into a dangerous spot. You may repair damaged jackboots with adventuring gear (one use).   

    Now that they are not being used as a part of defy danger, I’m vacillating between a roll +str or a roll +dex. 

  4. Scott Velez I am actually in your house now, watching you type… mwa ha ha ha

    It seems to me very much a Dex move: you need balance to bounce around on springs.

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