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  1. I hadn’t. Wow. Okay, so followup question then: does anyone have a quick primer to explain to players some of the fundamental differences between dw and, say, d&d?

  2. The DW Guide was the most helpful for me too. That and reading people’s offhand comments and actual plays – those tend to highlight what others saw as important or different. But I have to say it didn’t really completely click until I sat down and actually played it. In practice it was much more dynamic and fluid than it seemed from reading. My first game was by the book, absolutely no prep, no setting, no clue. I recommend that the first time, because it forces everyone to improvise and get into the DW mindset.

  3. don’t forget that the combat with multiple creatures rules have change. It’s now “roll the largest combat die +1 for each additional creature”, instead of “roll the largest combat die once for each creature and take the highest result”

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