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  1. « Are there other wizards? Not really. There are other workers of arcane magic, and the common folk may call them wizards, but they’re not like you. They don’t have the same abilities, though they may be similar. Later on there may be another player character with the same class but no GM character will ever really be a wizard (or any other class) » (p. 178).

  2. Daniele Di Rubbo Thing is, I actually have a small four-monster compendium with four related compendium classes, and I’d like to get it put up on RPGNow. That’s within spitting distance of being done, but now my attention slid onto something else.

  3. I’ve got a William-Baskerville-esque Monk, a Corvo-Attani-esque Assassin, an urban campaign guide and a collab thing with Funhaver, all of which I really need to find the time to work on.

  4. One of the things that I like about D&D’s arcane or strained class names is that you can conceivably talk about most of them as ‘the X’. Most people won’t be running around talking about clerics or fighters, because actually people don’t call priests or warriors clerics or fighters. They won’t be talking about druids or bards, because we’re not playing fantasy Celts. I think Rogue would have been a better name than Thief, because there are cities full of thieves! But who’s going to call themselves a rogue?

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