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  1. Iacopo Benigni the Paladin is generally supposed to be a beacon of light – an example of charity.  They’ve already got a boatload of defensive ability, Lay on Hands is for others.  The Paladin is merely the channel, the doorway of holy power.  Big, flashy martyr magic to impress folks and heal their ills.

  2. The keystone of dungeon world is OBVIOUSLY the 3-18 range of attributes instead of just using the modifier directly. I mean, what other justification for it could there be?

  3. Lay on Hands for oneself is for the as-yet-unreleased Spiral Paladin, who self-heals because they believe in the ones who believe in them. (I doubt that very many people will catch the reference…)

  4. It’s mostly just about the GM being aware of the wording of the spell and asking appropriate questions.  “Are you sure you want to heal him?  Wasn’t he just saying he’d leave you for dead?”  “Wait, would your God approve of this?”

  5. In AW, my players are entitled to the full power granted by their moves. Of course if the paladin _ asks me_ if they can lay hands on themselves that is a golden opportunity to make a MC move and I’m not going to pass it up!

    “Sure you can lay hands on yourself, but that is totally taboo”

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