7 thoughts on “I want to let a PC say something true and meaningful – is that Spout Lore or something else?”

  1. It’s Spout Lore (I think anyway). It came up at the table with Matt Capizzi and Christopher Grau last night: I commented that I wished the 10+ result of Spout Lore was that the player could make an assertion, rather than the GM. Another player commented that the GM could just as easily turn it around and let the player fill in the details.

  2. You can add a touch of cooperative/shared narration by asking your player simple questions: ” And you, what do you think there is here” or “What do you know about that ?”. Or, in another way, let the player ask: “Do I know if….”

  3. If it is something that fits the in character knowledge of something that is already in the world, then I would go with Spout Lore, if, on the other hand, it is knowledge that brings something to the world that was not there before, I would go with Matt’s suggestion, ask, clarify with more questions and go with it.

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