18 thoughts on “Cover draft.”

  1. It’s really hard to read “Grim Portents”. It’s a leading and tangents thing instead of a typeface thing.

    Sage LaTorra League Gothic and Oswald are other free versions of Alternate Gothic. They’re really similar to Bebas, but with small variations that may or may not suit you.

  2. Brennen Reece I thought only being able to read text when you already knew what it said was particularly metal. But, yeah, I’ll take a look at that before making it final. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Joachim Erdtman That’s a question for Chris Sakkas. I’m just the humble cover designer. My sense is it’s a free, entirely CC (i.e. open content) PDF zine.

  4. Joachim Erdtman, Grim Portents 1 will release as a free-of-charge, free culture PDF (ODT source file available too) some time before February. I won’t be distributing print versions of the zine myself, but with the Creative Commons licences that we’re using anyone else could do so.

  5. There will be never-seen-before art from three artists, death-dealing base classes, death-obsessed compendium classes, new monsters (most of which are cold, wet or dead), icy templates and an adventure with winter spirits … so people responded pretty faithfully to the Dead of Winter theme!

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