– Human civilization is just post iron-age, and centers on a single massive city-state with sub-states.

– Humanity is sponsored by and worships a single deity

– The Man-God is actually just an upstart, mysterious, incredibly powerful animistic spirit

– The Storm Queen has allied the tribes against the Legions of Man spreading into the wilderness

– Avon and Kithracet have both met the Storm Queen, but only Kithracet knows her as such, and is working in secret for her gain

– All Elves hail from the Southern Continent

– Dark Elves walk the old paths, High Elves are imperialistic and have advanced science

– Swamps and mire have slowed Elven advancement into human lands

– All magi can know their own with a secret sign

– Spirits learn ambition from humans and a hunger for worship, growing fat, wicked and corrupt

– Women are forbidden by law to wield magic, except Holy Virgins

– Avon does not give even one fuck about that last rule, she does what she wants

– Cassius met with a local heretic, a sweet, kind, community-focused woman who left the city-state behind and her awful life in the slums to make a new life in the frontier.  Surprisingly, he did not kill her or act like a dick.  Unfortunately, she is a secret snake cultist and has used her charm magic on him.  It’s complicated.


6 thoughts on “WHAT WE LEARNED.”

  1. “Unfortunately, she is a secret snake cultist and has used her charm magic on him.  It’s complicated.”

    That will help him understand women for sure XD

    No, seriously, women are not snake cultists.

    This plot is a very cool one ! Didn’t Cassius decern realities ?

    All things considered, I’d say spider cultists.

  2. Cassius tried to discern realities about her, failed horribly and I made a hard move – one of the girls’ moves is “ensorcel someone”.

    The thing for me is that Cassius might never know whether he likes her because of magic or because he likes her. I just say things like “you can’t stop thinking about the strangest little details about her” or whatever.

    Turns out that infatuation and being magically ensorcelated are pretty much the same deal.

  3. We often fail horribly to decern realities about our beloved ones. “ensorcel someone” is a common move shared by many of them 🙂

    Cassius will have to defy a lot of dangers imo. He will have to rely mainly on wisdom… and patience.

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