My second #dungeonworld  adventure front is up on RPGNow.

My second #dungeonworld  adventure front is up on RPGNow.

My second #dungeonworld  adventure front is up on RPGNow. This one is an homage to the classic TSR module I3 – Pharaoh. I’m asking $.50 once again and 100% proceeds go towards convincing me to keep producing more.

If you would prefer to pay nothing, it can also be downloaded from a link on RPGG.

Next up is UK1 – Beyond the Crystal Cave which should come out in February.

9 thoughts on “My second #dungeonworld  adventure front is up on RPGNow.”

  1. Fantastic. UK1 was one of TSRs best.

    I loved the fact that an aggressive party could fight themselves to death, whilst a more respectful party could wonder through smiling at the flowers and have a much easier time.

  2. That’s one of the reasons I really like it as the basis for a DW adventure. The front is about 1/2 done now but I still need to do the heavy lifting on it. That has to wait until I have a couple days off in February though.

  3. Thanks for the support! More are coming – I have a “to do” list of about 10 right now that I really want to make; the trick is finding time to make them all.

  4. I’ll add it to our list of stuff to work on. I’ve been buried in real life work lately so I haven’t gotten much work done on the ones that followed this adventure (but there have been quite a few published since I released I3).

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