11 thoughts on “Are you running DW as a series of one shots, short campaigns (2-6 sessions), or a longer campaign (6+)?”

  1. Long campaign.  However, I’ve run this a few times such as at Nerd NYC’s Recess as a one shot with all players new to the game and it works beautifully.  So easy to drop into, and as one player noted, the “Chinese menu” style character sheet makes character creation a breeze in con play.  

  2. When I convinced my group to try the system out I got a very reluctant person (who is now totally sold to the system), and to convince them more easily I proposed this would be a short term game, I was ready for a single session and made it clear.

    They scheduled the 2nd one on the sunday before christmas, and we are waiting to have our third (not everyone is in town).

    I guess I am quickly going towards longer here.

  3. Long campaign. We spent awhile doing short campaigns while we tried out a host of different games. My group got to the point where they were dying to play something longer, so we’re trying that with DW. 

  4. Side quests. I’m running a 4e campaign where due to a number of circumstances the players are playing themselves thrust into a game world. To help explain the strange way they talk, dress and act they’re telling people their travelling entertainers. 

    They were staying at an inn free of charge but have to provide entertainment. The first night the crowd called for a retelling of legend. Then I handed out DW character sheets and we played the story.

    They’ve asked to do a part 2 before they leave town.

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