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Ice lich

Solitary, intelligent, terrifying

In the frozen lands, some shaman and sorcerers have learned how to freeze part of their soul in ice to serve as a sort of “anchor” when performing large acts of magic, such as performing a dangerous ritual or exploring the spiritual realms. It is a very dangerous practice, because if you leave your soul in the ice too long, it will itself begin to freeze. The sorcerer becomes cold himself, harsh and uncaring as the frozen wastes he calls home. He becomes the embodiment of the frozen wastes, a horrifying desicated being whose only goal is to eliminate the heat of life from the world. Motivation: cover the world in ice

Ice shard spell: 1d10 damage, far

• Trap a foe in summoned ice

• Call forth the arctic winds

• Freeze a foe’s blood with terror

• Animate the corpses of the frozen dead

• Keep coming back until its frozen soul is melted