A Playbook Idea: the Doppelgänger

A Playbook Idea: the Doppelgänger

A Playbook Idea: the Doppelgänger 

I was rereading some old D&D modules this week, the A1–4 Slave Lord series, looking for some Dungeon World inspiration. A1 has at least two instances of doppelgangers almost casually inserted into some room encounters, with mention of their Instinct being (of course) to replace PCs. 

In thinking about how to pull that off in a DW game, it occurred to me: why not a doppelganger playbook? If/ when the doppelganger gets his chance to replace a PC, slip the player the different playbook, complete with its own moves, and maybe a few goals/ objectives to replace Alignment and/ or Bonds. The player completes a goal, mark experience. 

Thoughts? Ideas for doppelganger moves? Perhaps some fun ways to use Aid/ Interfere? What happens when the creature is inevitably discovered?

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  1. I like the idea. But you can’t hide being a doppelgänger from the other players. They will notice as soon as you make a class move.

    That said, I don’t see why you should keep it a secret. You could make it an awesome social class. 🙂

    I have some moves for you:


    Whenever you haven’t assumed another form, your visage is discomforting. Take -1 ongoing to Parley.


    When you mold your body to the shape you desire, choose a person that you have met or seen that is roughly of your size. You gain his exact appearance and voice, including suitable clothing. Then roll+CHA. *On a 10+, gain 3 hold. *On a 7-9, gain 2 hold. *On a 6-, gain one hold, along with a obvious disfigurement that you must conceal. If you have chosen a suitable form, you can spend hold for the following benefits:

    – Enter a location without suspicion

    – Persuade someone to share information

    – Make someone believe a lie

    When you spend your last hold, you will slowly revert to your true form.

  2. It’s a race with two custom moves:

    When you have time and seclusion with a doppelgänger, you might be replaced! Confer with the MC, and maybe change your race to Doppleganger complete with racial move. Maybe change your alignment if it seems appropriate.

    Doppleganger: that move from upthread.

    More generally, it’s an opportunity with a cost. Here’s a cool new power for players to use, if they give up their PC.

    And that should matter. The Doppleganger should want the PC for a reason.

  3. This is awesome! I had given a thought toward this and considered both a race and a compendium class, I totally overlooked the amazing thing it can be to be replaced mid-game, though.

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