Ice Mummer

Ice Mummer

Ice Mummer

Group, Devious

Slam (d6) 13 HP           1 Armor


Special Qualities: Made of ice

The reconstituted frozen remains of a person ritually frozen then shattered, an ice mummer is the agent of what most certainly is a greater evil. Bound to its icy rusted bronze mask, the voiceless ice mummer is a harbinger of its master’s incursion.

Instinct: To obey its master

– Reveal the horror beneath the mask

– Disperse in a whirlwind of ice and snow

– To be its master’s eyes

5 thoughts on “Ice Mummer”

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and wager that the “mummer” connection has more to do with the masks often worn by mummers (and perhaps a bit of the social mummery) rather than the folk play aspect.  Very evocative and creepy, for my penny!

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