19 thoughts on “I am curious, are the 3-18 stat numbers ever used in DW?”

  1. Curtis Hay I’m 99% sure that’s not true…

    You do increase the stats when you level up, but I think it increases by two every three levels, not one ever level.

    Edit: Nope! Looks like I’m behind the times again!

  2. It’s also worth noting that they’re technically used in advancement: for example, increasing your strength when it’s at 9 won’t move you from 0 to +1. That said, yeah, I’d hack Dungeon World to use straight modifiers in a heartbeat.

  3. Some prices are modified by your 3-18 Charisma stat, suggesting a template that might be used for other stats as well.

    They also allow gradual progress towards the next modifier; when you level up you raise your stat by only one. e.g. scores of 13-15 provide a +1 modifier.

  4. The solution is to make more custom moves that use your stats.

    When you drag a great load, roll+Str. On a 10+, you can drag a load weighing your Strength or your roll, whichever is higher. On a 7-9, you can drag a load weighing up to your roll.

    When you encounter one from a foreign land, roll+Int. On a 10+, you can convey a number of words up to your Intelligence. On a 7-9, you can convey a number of words up to your Int.

  5. When you level up, if your mutagen points are higher than your constitution, you gain a random physical mutation and lose half your mutagen points. If it is higher than your wisdom, you gain a random mental mutation and lose half your mutagen points. If it is higher than both, you gain a random mutation of any sort (physical, mental, supernatural) and lose half your mutagen points.

  6. We didn’t include them just for ourselves, we included them for hacks and future supplements, too! 

    I’ve created little alpha-level mini hacks of Wisdom = Sanity points and Intelligence = Mana Points for less Vancian magic.

    When you cast a spell with your innate stores of power, roll + INT and spend the spell’s level in mana points.  On a 10+ the spell is cast, no problem.  You may spend an additional mana point to increase or expand the effect in some way.  On a 7-9 choose: the spell fails and you retain your mana, or spend double the normal cost and cast the spell.  On a -6 you lose the mana points and the spell misfires in some way, going haywire or affecting random targets, etc.  The GM will tell you how.

    Basically, we wanted both options to give ourselves some room to grow.  Right now, Charisma and Hit Points are our only core uses.

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