Hey folks

Hey folks

Hey folks,

Two things: the first is just a reminder that there’s now one more week for your submissions to come in for the DW zine I’m working on. If you can’t make the deadline but you’re keen to contribute, get in touch with me and I’ll see if we can work something out.

The other thing is: do you have any suggestions for the name of the zine? So far I’ve thought up:

World Magazine (riffing on Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine, but pretty vague!)

The Front (my current favourite)

Dungeon World Zine (straight and to the point)


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  1. Well… you know, both of the first two name suggestions could also apply to Apocalypse World and (some) other games based on it, so unless you expand to talk about those as well, I’d go with something else…

  2. Just thought you’d like to know the numerous suggestions that have come in from the various DW communities: 

    The Front/The Campaign Front/The Dungeon Front

    Grim Portents

    Notes from Underground/Notes for Underground

    Dungeon World Zine/Dungeon World’s Zine

    World Magazine

    Discerning Realities

    Slanting Passages

    Riches & Wonders

    Delve On

    World of Dungeon World

    World of Zines

    World of ‘World of’

    Codex of Dungeons

    Dungeon Moves

    Powered by the Dungeon

    Many Places to Explore

    Advanced Delving 

    Thanks for the creative responses, folks. I’m leaning towards The Dungeon Front or Grim Portents at this stage, although Powered by the Dungeon might be a dark horse! 

  3. Ha, I still like my suggestion best….. 😀

    Grim Portents (because it’s Dungeon World related bud doesn’t sound so fishy and it takes your idea of the Fronts into account).

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