Salve of Second Sight

Salve of Second Sight

Salve of Second Sight

5 uses, 0 weight

When you smear this iridescent oil upon your eyelids, for as long as it remains affixed (typically a few hours or until you go to sleep), you can see into the world of spirits, where specters and pixies hide. You gain the effects of detect magic, and when you Discern Realities, you have the additional option: 

• What has crossed between worlds here, and how?

12 thoughts on “Salve of Second Sight”

  1. I like it! But I fear, for my PCs sakes, because I would be very hard pressed not to make this a cursed item in my games.

    “Because when you have stanky old wizard eyes, sometimes you see things that are real, and other times it’s like crazy crazy crazy, in your face, all the time.” (sighs) “All the time.”

  2. Side effects of Salve of Second Sight may include blurry vision, temporary blindness, permanent blindness, halucinations, numbness in the face and arms, trouble breathing and notice by other planar entities.  Use as directed. Void where prohibited.

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