8 thoughts on “Can you resolve empty bonds?”

  1. I’d think if you have an empty bond you can either fill it by stealing something from somebody or planning a long con with them or something, or write a new one to replace it and fill THAT one.

  2. The answer is:

    «If you have a blank bond left over from character creation you can assign a name to it or write a new bond in its place whenever you like. You don’t get an XP for doing so, but you do get more defined bonds to resolve in the future» (p. 32).

  3. The list of bonds on your character sheet isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s a small sample of suggestions for what would be appropriate as a bond for that character class.

    You can write anything you want as a bond, as long as the fiction makes sense. A bond that doesn’t have a name is an unwritten bond – it’s nothing at all; you just replace it with an actual bond.

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