14 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. I love it when someone says “I came from (insert website name here)” as if that website was a place and they went on a long and perilous journey from that website to another website…

    Maybe I’m just weird though.

    (Seriously, welcome! I hope to see some of the fantastic new stuff that this “SA Dungeon World crew” is generating!)

  2. To Dylan Boates, there has actually been a hell of a lot of stuff, it’s rather difficult to keep up with the thread these days unless I’m looking through it twice a day. I checked from the weekend and there were 91 new posts, the majority related to new Playbooks people were cooking up and various revisions to it!

  3. Dylan Boates You know all those new classes that’ve been popping up on RPGNow? Those are pretty much all done by people in Something Awful’s Dungeon World thread.

  4. Oh, cool. I’ve bought a few of those actually!

    I’d love to see an anthology of those actually. It’s sort of hard to track each new class as they pop up and I’m often reluctant to shell out a few bucks for a tiny PDF.

    Has anyone considered putting out a collection sometime in the future?

  5. Dylan Boates: well, to the best of my knowledge, all the classes bar the alternative playbooks (so the initiate, warlock, shaman and namer) are all done by Brandon Schmelz – I am sure he could be persuaded to do a Funhaver bundle at some point, or something.

  6. The DW thread on Something awful is simply alive with so many cool new classes and compendiums. It’s also home to some great discussion about running the game and stories of actual play.

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