14 thoughts on “Here’s a custom move I used recently to create new magic items.”

  1. That might be an effect of the weird way I think about *World dice results. To me, 10+ is an unqualified success, and that is, unfortunately, pretty boring a lot of the time. Then again, +1 ongoing forever from your new glowing sword is totally cool.

    In the context of DW, though, this move also means that clerics, druids, and rangers are the least likely to experience complications from this move, because of their typically higher WIS. I like that fictionally, because they’re the ones who are most tied to this world or another plane.

  2. Silly question for Travis Scott. Why not allow the player to give up the +1 and take a Price instead on a 10+? I don’t see a reason not to allow that, especially when it could provoke interesting fiction.

  3. Jeremy Morgan That’s a totally fair question! My design ethos when writing custom moves is:

    10+ = unqualified success. An awesome thing happens to you, period.

    7-9 = partial success. An awesome thing happens to you at a cost.

    6- = failure. Complications are fun!

    In other words, I tend to put all fictional complications at rolls of 9 or less, because when you succeed hard, the GM should not be allowed to say “Yes, and…” or “Yes, but…” It has to be a straight-up, “Yes!”

    That doesn’t mean there isn’t a more interesting way to do the 10+ result (e.g., Hack and Slash). How would you make this move better?

  4. Travis Scott I’d write the move in such a way that the player could decide to take a Boon and Price on a 10+ in lieu of the +1, if they wanted to.

    That way the agency rests with the player, and you get to keep the ethos you’ve held.

  5. That could work! To me, it feels a bit same-y. Like, compare Hack and Slash, where you get a choice about whether to take damage or not in exchange for an advantage. Narratively, I see why someone might decrease their level of success, but the mechanics don’t follow for me. (And that could just be me.)

  6. Another option might be to do the following:

    10+: Item acquires a Boon. The player may then choose to take a Price to get a +1 as well.

    7-9: Item acquires a Boon and a Price

    6-: Item manifests intelligence and acquires either a Boon or a Price from the list, but the item uses that Boon/Price for its own ends.

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